All I do is wine wine wine…

These past two weeks have been terribly emotional for me because I’ve finally come to the point where every first time mother eventually arrives after several blissful/challenging/hair-tearing* (*delete as appropriate) months of nurturing a new life form. The point being, that of return or no return – back to work that is.

Now my journey into parenthood didn’t start as smoothly as I’d hoped/thought it would and so I’m a little behind the average mother. The cooing, gushing and generally warm and fuzzy feelings have only existed for me since month 4 and now that little baby8cake is about to turn 10 months, I’m finally in my element.

So I did the only rational thing I could do and resigned post haste. Of course the run up to, process of and aftermath of resigning has been quite a life changing, milestone marking event for me and one that has required a lot of pondering. And what better aid to turn to in such a time, than that of wine.

It just so happened, that in the two week window my life reached one of its all time crescendos, I had not one but two wine tastings neatly slotted in my diary. The first of which was the much awaited starlight foundation rose and champagne wine tasting at the Saatchi Gallery. A veritable fixture on the SW3 calendar, this year saw a mouth watering line up of rose wines and a handful of much lauded champagne houses. This was a fabulous night of glugging, weird ‘art’ and most of all people-watching.

Examples of weird art



Now I’ve been to this event before and it obviously wasn’t enough to put me off but I do wonder what sort of a planet I live on, when the economic crash we are in and constantly reminded of in everyday media, is juxtaposed with this lot of insanely rich numpties. But it’s all for a good cause so hey-ho, drink up.

Back to the wines and champagnes, what I did learn and what you should know is the following:

-Billecart Salmon produce one of the best NV Rose Champagnes on the market

-Nyetimber’s English sparkling Rose wine was a surprising and punchy hit with my tastebuds and one to watch out for.

-The only rose wine of note that evening was the fantastic Sancerre Rose Domaine Renardy 2011.

-Humankind should avoid rose wines that are more peach than pink, resemble tinted water and are made in Provence. Yuck!

Also of note but not wine related, is that apparently I can stomach macaroons, oysters and cupcakes in one night and in swift succession too. I am well proud of my gut.




As if we hadn’t had enough lubrication for the week, I then took dear husband out to the local Rioja festival 2013, as a Father’s Day treat, where we tantalised our noses and tastebuds with some cracking tempranillo, reserva and grand reserva wines, including a smashing Vina Pomal Reserva 2008. And yes there was churros too.

That week ended rather satisfyingly, and with a calendar like this, I could get used to this staying at home lark! Make sure they are in your 2014 calendar too!


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