My first guest post: uncorking the world of wine

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Good morning folks! Am sitting here in a rather excited state like a teenybopper at her first boyband concert, bursting with news of my first ever guest post!

Having juggled between blog and baby for the past few months, I thought it was time to take this thing one step further to see if I really could and wanted to do the unthinkable; poacher turned gamekeeper, flack turned hack *gasp*

So I put myself out there and was asked by trendy Asian women’s lifestyle site, (formerly Estylista) to write about something I was passionate or expert on. In my mind two topics sprung up. One is my daughter, the other is wine. Babies are cute but best left a mystery for everyone’s sanity, so I chose the latter and off I went.

I got to thinking how much I’d learnt about the wonderful world of wine since those early university days, drinking what I then thought to be quite sophisticated, Chardonnay! Most recently when out for lunch or dinner, I noticed a pattern forming amongst my friends when it came to ordering the wine – “I’ll have whatever she’s having” or “you choose a bottle”. At first I thought this to be a quick carefree option, a detail hurried out of the way to make way for long overdue chatter but I soon wondered. Is it because I actually happen to know a thing or two about the subject?!

Now only those who know me can answer that one and if it is the case I’m certainly flattered. But as a glass is half empty kind of person, there’s plenty more room to learn and I fully intend to. With that, I hope you enjoy the link below to my feature whether your a wine novice or know it all…

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