Essential mummy reading: Parenting, money and sex

Hello folks,

It’s chronically pissing it down in London and tube strikes are causing all sorts of chaos; mainly that I’m on bed-time duty most of the week, whilst hubby battles/runs his way home. In a moment of respite, I’ve glued my intrigued eyes to my twitter feed where I came across these two gems, from what is fast becoming my favourite newspaper – The Telegraph.

And well, because this is also really a mummy blog too, or will eventually become one when I’m saddled with two spit up/rice cake/snot covered sprogs, I thought it essential to share with you. If you are without child, then this’ll be just as fun to read, if not more so. You can laugh at the traumatising self analysis we parents undertake, as well as the OCD levels at which we manage our lives and diaries.

Read them? What did you think? Intrigued by the first article and amused by the second? Seriously though, having become a parent of a 17 month old and living in the thick of it all in the buzzing city of London, with an eclectic collection of friends and family, I can safely say that as trivial or bizarre as the notions in these articles sound, I can sympathise with them.

As a new mum the goal is always about achieving that harmony we once had and so long for again. Maybe harmony is transitional, subjective or just a myth. In recent months I’ve longed for balance, for life to stop travelling at warp speed, and more dreamily, for us to get to point when the kids are grown and we have ‘time’ again. Then I got my head out of the clouds and realised for me – mum, wife, daughter – harmony is possibly just a rose-tinted dream that’s stopping me from cherishing the now; chaos, crumbs and all.


Featured image: Copyright Rex Features (Shown in The Telegraph)


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