Baby break

So the day has come, the sleepless nights and countless night feeds have arrived, and life as I know it has turned upside down. This can only mean one thing. Yes baby no.2, a bouncing girl, has been safely delivered.

In the run up to this day, most people rush to get the last of their baby to-do’s ticked off the list, which being an OCD organiser, I’d seen to already. Then there’s the pampering, the meditation, yoga, pilates and all that jazz, which I dabbled in first time around.

However, this time I had more important things to get done before spending my days in front of box sets and catch up TV, with newborn sprog attached (am quickly learning that second time around, TV is a luxury and that I’m lucky if I can squeeze a shower in the day between bubba, the tot and house chores!). I digress, instead of all the pre-baby R&R, I decided to go on a foodie spree!

Now the plan was to tell you all the sordid details of my gastronomical adventures before being submerged knee deep in nappies and covered in regurgitated milk. I felt it my solemn duty to divulge the details and rant and rave dutifully to you, my follower. I so desperately wanted to share my usual two pence worth on what I scoffed.

Sadly, my life had other plans. For a start, my duracell bunny of a toddler decided it best to pick the weeks leading up to the birth of her baby sister, to drop her afternoon nap (the parents amongst you will understand the devastating impact of this action!). Then there is that small matter of a building project, known as our future home, I was and still am managing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to park that on the side for a few hours a week, as I’d hoped.

All these excuses sound terribly lame I’m aware, and before you sentence me by hitting that evil unfollow button, hear this. I’ve joined generation next, and opened up an Instagram account! My plan is to post endless enviable foodie pics along with mini (and I really do mean mini!) restaurant review thought bubbles, so that you my dear reader, do not suffer so terribly from my parenting leave of absence.

Other than the backlog of the last few months (see further below for full list), I can’t guarantee it’ll all be fancy schmancy fine dining from hereon in. In fact for the next few months there may well be several posts of my beloved Pret earl grey as I hush baby to sleep for 30 crucial minutes of peace. But you knew that when you signed up to this and let’s face it, my keeping things real is what you actually like about me 😉

To give you a taste of the foodie shenanigans that I hope to cover soon, I’ve listed the most favourable of venues I’ve visited in the months since my last post.

Please don’t hold it against me if I take my sweet time about this, I am now a mother of two and about to make one of the biggest house moves of my life!

Finally, here’s how you can catch me in the meantime:




A run down of places you’ll hopefully be seeing on my Instagram soon…

Lunches + dinners
Heddon St Kitchen
Gilbert Scott
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Breakfasts + brunches

London Grind – already on my Instagram

Aqua Shard – already on my Instagram

Sweet treats and cafe stops

Lang Deli at the Shangri La Shard – already on my Instagram
St. John bakery rooms

Streetfood and Markets

Notdogs at The moveable feast
Phatbreads at Maltby St Market


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